Kousa International proudly leads the pack as one of the largest importers and exporters of paper products in all of North America. Dealing in both recovered and prime paper, we currently boast over 200,000 metric tons of volume a year. Our customers and supply partners count on us for our reliability, timely service and excellent follow-through.

Did You Know?

  • 1) Only about 30% of all municipal solid waste is recovered for recycling
  • 2) With over 5,000 different kinds of paper products and by-products, paper is the number one trash that is thrown away
  • 3) The recovery rate for paper and paperboard waste in the United States has gone up to over 50% in recent years
  • 4) Today, more than 36% of the fiber used to make new paper products in the United States comes from recycled sources


Kousa International is one of the major players in the recovered paper market, consistently supplying and meeting the needs of paper and packaging mills throughout the whole of Asia. We source, sell and trade an array of recycled fiber products, including:

  • Corrugated Containers (OCC)
  • Hard White Envelope Cuttings (HWEC)
  • Hard White Shavings (HWS)
  • NEWS (ONP)
  • Coated Book Stock (CBS)
  • Over-Issue News (OINP)


Kousa International’s Prime Paper Division aims to satisfy all of our customers’ prime paper needs. We import and supply high quality newsprint and other prime paper to a variety of industries across North America. Whether the demand is for printing, packaging or more, we can help. Made entirely from recovered waste paper, our Prime Paper Division remains true to our vision for a better world and a better future.

We specialize in the following products: